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ML Community Enterprise (MLCE) aim to be a beacon of hope and success; offering young people, their families and wider communities opportunities to reach their potential across health, wellbeing, learning and employment.

We motivate and lead our young people and adults to realise their own potential as leaders and changemakers, driven by purpose and values.

Strengthening Communities

We exist to improve the lives of young people and communities who experience disadvantage, working to create a sense of pride, inspiration, ownership and belonging, alongside life-long learning opportunities.

Building brighter futures

Across well-being, employment skills, music, sports and more, we promote participation, inclusion and demonstrate the value and potential of our communities. We tackle the underlying causes of social exclusion, crime and risk taking behaviour. Our work is rooted in trauma informed and culturally appropriate practices.

Ecosystem Coldharbour

Angell Town • Loughborough • Moorlands • Central Brixton

The Ecosystem Coldharbour Consortium brings together eight well-respected community organisations experienced in working with the community to deliver positive initiatives, including around violence reduction.
The Consortium is funded by the Mayor's Violence Reduction Unit - My Ends Programme, which provides support for neighbourhoods that are experiencing high levels of violence and adverse experiences for young people.
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