What we do

We work towards creating a more equitable and safer society for disadvantaged and underrepresented groups, offering a wide range of key life skills development, support services and meaningful progression opportunities.

Project activities range from IAG (information, advice and guidance), mental health and wellbeing support (therapeutic counselling and one to one key working), sports and healthy lifestyles, employment readiness, STEM (science, tech, engineering, maths), self-exploration and positive engagement with people from diverse socio-economic groups.

In many cases, we are empowering beneficiaries to overcome multiple and complex disadvantages while moving them towards their full potential. Our team are skilled, experienced, led by and representative of the diverse people we support.

The outcomes we work towards include:

  • Improved employment Readiness (skills and attributes that bring a person closer to the labour market)
  • Improved mental health and wellbeing
  • Increased emotional and social capabilities
  • Improved peer, social and professional relationships
  • Improved confidence to access support, opportunities and in self-advocacy
  • More young people overcome economical and behavioural barriers to music making
  • Increased participation in sports and enriching activities
  • Reduced risk taking behaviour, offending and conflict in the local area
  • Increased pathways to positive opportunities
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