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ML Community Enterprise aims to be a beacon of hope and success, offering young people, their families and communities ways to improve their life chances. We create learning opportunities and support health and wellbeing. We want to motivate young people to realise their own potential and become the leaders the community needs.

Inspiring change, creating new possibilities for young people and communities.

In Individuals: Providing opportunities to fulfill their full potential
In Families: Supporting them to build positive, sustainable relationships
In Communities: Creating opportunities to bring them together
In Society: Contributing to make it better and safer for all

Creating communities and social inclusion

ML Community Enterprise work to improve the lives of young people and communities who experience disadvantage. We help create a sense of pride, inspiration, ownership, well-being and belonging, and provide life-long learning opportunities. We offer a wide range of services, from well-being, to employment skills, music and sports. We promote inclusion and demonstrate the value and potential in our communities. We work with a focus on children and young people, together with their parents and families. We tackle the primary causes of social exclusion, criminal and risk taking behaviour.
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